Business Advisory and Audit

In an age of digitalization, expansion into global markets, and rapid technological change, business advisory and audits are playing an increasingly important role in every business. Confida provides a firm and serious approach to the audit, all to align the financial statements with the legislative framework, as well as gain a realistic picture of the business. 

Objectivity is the key to a successful business

We approach each client objectively because we believe that objectivity lays the foundation for a quality audit. Our certified audit team meets all the requirements for statutory audit, providing expertise and impartiality. The key to the successful operation of any company lies in quality audit, which provides true insight into the company’s financial statements.

The audit experts are chosen by taking into account their expertise and impartiality, as well as the quality of the service they offer. Throughout the audit process, we are in everyday contact with all relevant stakeholders, providing clear, transparent, and truthful communication. The latest technology we work with, global knowledge, and the processes we know help us create objective, efficient and professional audit opinions.

Financial and business audit

By providing a strong, independent audit, we are intermediaries in building and strengthening trust between the company and stakeholders. The focus of the audit is always on the company – by individual adjustment, we contribute to a better and more sustainable company development. The demands of regulators, investors, and other stakeholders are growing every day, and Confida’s team provides solutions through superior service.

Financial and business audits include:

  • Pre-audit actions

  • Audit planning

  • Consideration of internal control

  • Performing evidentiary texts

  • Issuing opinions

  • Business appraisal

  • Analyzing areas for improvement

  • Suggest specific recommendations

Corporate reporting

In recent years, the emphasis has been on the quality of reporting due to the growing demands of stakeholders. Corporate reporting must now include a whole range of different categories – from finance and quality of management to the company’s impact on the environment, employees, and society. Confida’s approach is constantly changing, to meet the growing corporate standards’ reporting.

Corporate reporting services include:

  • Introduction of new accounting standards

  • Mergers, acquisitions, complex consolidations

  • Evaluation and examination of key performance indicators

  • Development of restructuring plans

  • Identifying corporate governance risk

  • Preparation of non-financial, integrated annual reports

  • Evaluation of allocations of purchase prices and share-based payments

  • Financial and accounting forensics

Non-Profit Organizations Audit

Mandatory audit of the financial statements of certain non-profit organizations provides users with transparent information as well as a reliable picture of how funds of these organizations dispose of. Often, the funds available to non-profit organizations come from public sources, and until 2015 they were not the legislature’s focus. Today, in the age of digitalization, where transparency has become necessary, non-profit organizations are increasingly turning to audits so that all those interested can be sure that the reports, as well as the resources at their disposal, are true.

Non-profit organizations whose revenues in the previous year exceeded HRK 10 million are subject to audits of financial statements. Non-profit organizations whose revenues in the previous year ranged from HRK 3 to 10 million are subject to review of financial statements. Insight into the financial statements, as well as the financial statements of non-profit organizations audit, is published on the website of non-profit organizations.

Audit of EU Projects

Since Croatia joined the European Union, new doors have opened up for all entrepreneurs. To ensure that all projects comply with International Standards on Auditing and that there are no unpleasant surprises, our experts with extensive knowledge in auditing EU projects are here to provide superior service.

The EU project audit process begins with familiarizing Confida’s auditors with the project, as well as access to all project locations, deliveries, and project results. The auditor’s task is to perform control, where they check whether the funds and costs incurred for project implementation are used in the project itself. Confida’s experts will check all the documentation on which the project’s financial statements are based, check the compliance with the budget, and assess the reality of the cost and all this will result in an audit report that includes the auditor’s opinion.

It is important to know that the audit of EU projects can be performed only by independent auditors and audit companies that have certified auditors, and members of the Croatian Chamber of Auditors.


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