Employment Retention Incentives Prolonged for April 2021

Based on decision of Croatian Employment Fund Board, the measure Employment retention incentives (COVID-19 and earthquake) for March 2021 has been prolonged for April.   The Croatian Employment Fund is stating that for April the employment retention incentive is possible [...]

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Employment Retention Incentives (COVID-19 and earthquake) for March 2021

New employment retention incentives in activities affected by coronavirus and the consequences of the disaster caused by earthquake in Sisak-Moslavina, Zagreb and Karlovac counties for March 2021 have been announced. [...]

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Aid for the preservation of jobs (COVID-19 and earthquake-affected areas): January-February 2021

AIM Preservation of workplaces for employers whose economic activity has been disrupted due to the consequences of the earthquake disaster in the Sisak-Moslavina, Zagreb and Karlovac counties.  TARGET GROUPS OF [...]

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Grants for preserving workplaces: September – December 202

AIM OF MEASURES: Preservation of workplaces in economic activities which are affected due to special circumstances. TARGET GROUPS OF EMPLOYERS: A. EMPLOYERS FROM THE FOLLOWING SECTORS: - Transport and storage; [...]

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