Law on Tax Procedure and Tax Administration Adopted

The Ministry of finance has proposed Amendments to the Law on Tax Procedure and Tax Administration (hereinafter the Law), with the aim to improve the realization and familiarization of taxpayer’s lawful rights as well as for the creation if a more effective Tax Administration system.

Significant adopted amendments are:

  • Tax administrative acts in electronic form: issuing tax administrative acts in the form of electronic document, and enabled electronic delivery, via e-mail to taxpayers.
  • Activities of the Tax Administration From 1 January 2019 will entail providing tax services, performing tax control with the aim of detecting and preventing tax crime.
  • This Law will no longer make a distinction between field and office control but will regulate tax control as a unified process.
  • Starting from January 1 2019, taxpayers will be able to submit property tax electronically, as well as request postponing due tax payments and other local charges, which will all be kept in a single tax information system at the level of self-government units.
  • The taxpayer will be able to submit an amended VAT return, in which the option for VAT refund is changed, irrespective of the refund amount. Consequently, the VAT refund amount will be decreased for the value of tax due on another basis.

Other changes:

  • The taxpayer cannot submit an amended tax return, nor can his/her account be deleted or any changes made to information registered in the Serbian Business Register
  • Penalties for incorrect request for tax refunds and tax credits have been increased
  • The new Law has introduced two new types of tax offenses. The first is for legal entities which do not disclose data on the premises on which they perform their registered activity. And the second regarding banks which do not act in compliance to the decisions of the Tax Administration authorities and which execute taxpayer’s payments discordant with the Law.

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