Confida news | The Government adopted the Preposition on Health Care Law

The new law regulates issues regarding sick leave. The novelty is that the chosen doctor determines the temporary prevention for work up to 60 days, instead of 30 as it is now in the current law. However, nothing has changed when it comes to who will pay for sick leave. The employer will continue to pay the first 30 days, and from the 31st day, sick leave will be paid by RFZO.


Amendments to the law suggested that parents of children suffering from the most serious illness have the right to sick leave until the child is 18 years old. What is most important is that it will receive 100 percent of a paid sick leave.

This is an important thing especially for families in which a child gets ill. The presence of parents during the treatment and the material safety of the family is one of the most important conditions for the process of healing to run calmly and be successful. In this way, the system and the state stands behind those in need of support by providing them with the necessary security and ability to care for the family when the child is ill.

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