Annual Tax Return 2020

Annual Tax Return: Get the Right for a Tax Refund for 2020

If you wish to use tax reliefs for charity donations you made during 2020 or want to reallocate your personal allowance for dependent members with your spouse, feel free to contact our team. The deadline for submission of the ZPP-DOH form in which you can claim your rights is 1 March 2021.

Since year 2016, the Tax Authorities has been performing “ex officio” an automatic annual tax return calculation for all taxpayers. However, in order to claim additional rights on income reduction, i.e., tax reliefs, taxpayers should submit the ZPP-DOH form to the Tax Authorities by the end of February 2021.

ZPP-DOH is a form based on which a taxpayer can claim his rights in a special procedure. These rights are not automatically included in tax reliefs:

  • residence and stay in the area of ​​local government units classified in I Group based on the level of development according to a special regulation on regional development of the Republic of Croatia or in the area of Vukovar;
  • own disability;
  • dependent members of the immediate family and / or children and their disability; or
  • paid contributions for compulsory health insurance in the country or paid donations. 

On the same form you can also claim:

  • initiation of a special procedure for determining the annual income tax in the name and on behalf of the testator;
  • and foreign tax paid into the income tax return.

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