Changes in the payment of membership fees to the Croatian Chamber of Commerce

Following the recent amendments to the Croatian Chamber of Commerce Act and the abolition of the obligation to pay membership fees, the Assembly of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce (Croatian Chamber of Commerce) announced the first financial plan. The plan states that the number of membership fees after January 1, 2022. will not change for medium and large companies, but only for micro and small entrepreneurs who decide to pay the monthly membership fee of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce. Thus, medium-sized companies will continue to pay HRK 1,083 per month, while large companies will continue to pay HRK 3,973. What is changing for large and medium-sized companies is the offer of packages in proportion to the paid membership fee, ie the right to a larger amount of available services.


The previous 42 kunas paid by small and micro-entrepreneurs is a thing of the past. Changes related to the category of micro and small entrepreneurs envisage a monthly amount of 150 kunas for those entrepreneurs that generate revenues of up to HRK 7.5 million, and 300 kunas for those entrepreneurs that earn more than that. How much interest there will be in paying membership fees remains to be seen.


 Entrepreneurs who decide to pay membership fees will have an assigned employee (Business Manager) at their disposal, and they will also be offered service packages. Entrepreneurs in the category of membership fees of HRK 150 will be able to use services worth HRK 5,000, and those entrepreneurs who will pay a membership fee of HRK 300 will be able to use a package worth HRK 7,000.

The services included in the packages include the preparation of credit reports and various data processing, thematic education, legal consultations, professional conferences, business plan development, mediation in connection with foreign business partners, and the like.


Micro and small entrepreneurs who choose not to pay membership fees will remain members and will have access to the chamber system in the public services segment; for example, the right to use the Digital Chamber, advocacy of sectoral interests, drafting legislative proposals, and the like. Other services included in the above-mentioned packages, they will pay at full price from the price list adopted by the Assembly and which will be published soon.

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