Croatia will legally regulate the stay of Digital Nomads

Croatia to Legally Regulate the Stay of Digital Nomads

Digital Nomads who wish to live in Croatia will soon be able to do so, as the country is in the process of introducing a Digital Nomad Visa, which will allow internationals who are engaged in jobs independent of location and time, to work in Croatia.

Taking this into consideration, the question related to tax payments remains open. In which country should taxes be paid if a person is constantly traveling? Should a person stay more than 183 days in one country, taxes should be paid there; however, what if that is not the case?

Namely, the decision has been announced by the Croatian Prime Minister himself, saying that Croatia would adjust its’ Acts to legally regulate the stay of digital nomads. The Act amendments will first have to go through parliament and get approved by a majority. It is expected that Act will came into force at the beginning of year 2021.

In such way, Croatia would make it possible for remote workers to live in Croatia and legally work for their employer or their own company registered abroad for up to one year.

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