COVID-19: Employment Relationships

Employment methods during the coronavirus crisis

Since corona virus epidemic affects in the first place one of the greatest assets of any business – its people, CONFIDA prepared for you information related to employment matters during dealing with crisis.

  1. Remote working. In accordance with Article 7. pt 2. of Labour law, employers and employees are allowed to temporarily (during extraordinary circumstance) change place of work (i.e. to work from home). In such case employer is obliged to ensure employee necessary equipment and working conditions. During remote work employer is obliged to ensure correct evidence of working hours.
  2. Where remote working arrangements are not applicable, companies have possibilities such as redistribution of working hours, flexible working hours and shift work with aim to protect its employees.
  3. Utilization of remaining holidays. Taking into consideration the Labour Law regulations, the employer can adjust the schedule of employees’ holiday days. In such cases, there is still an obligation to inform the employee of the same.
  4. Paid or unpaid leave. From legal point of view, to put employees on unpaid leave, employees’ consent in necessary. During unpaid leave, rights and obligations arising from the employment shall be suspended. In such cases it is recommendable that both parties enter into an agreement to avoid disputes.
  5. Temporary suspension of work. In order to prevent epidemic, an employer can bring a decision based on which an employee will not be obliged to work as long as emergency measures are in force. However, during the temporary suspension, the employer is obliged to pay out full salary.

Employees who are temporarily unavailable for work due to contact with persons diagnosed with corona virus or the fact that they are coming from the affected area are entitled to receive compensation salary on the expense of Croatian Health Insurance Fund from the first day of temporarily unavailability of work. It has to be confirmed with valid medical documentation.


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