Employment of Ukrainian citizens

Given the current situation, refugees from Ukraine have easier access to the Croatian labor market with the aim of better integration into society. If you want to hire a Ukrainian citizen, you can do it easier than you think.

According to the decision of the Government of the Republic of Croatia on the introduction of temporary protection in the Republic of Croatia for displaced persons from Ukraine on 7 March 2022, citizens of Ukraine were granted temporary protection under the Law on International and Temporary Protection, which allows a number of rights and inclusion in everyday life in Croatia.

The status of temporary protection in the Republic of Croatia includes the right to residence, ID card, basic means of living and accommodation, health care, primary and secondary education, work, family reunification, and freedom of religion.

Utilization of the right to accommodation, if the foreigner under temporary protection does not have his/her own funds, is achieved by submitting a request to the competent social welfare center according to the place of residence. A foreigner shall utilize the right to accommodation for a maximum of two years from the date of delivery of the decision on the approval of international protection.

A foreigner under temporary protection can utilize the right to health care following the regulations governing health insurance and health care of foreigners in the Republic of Croatia.

In order that foreigner utilizes the right to the status of temporary protection in the Republic of Croatia, it is necessary to apply for a residence permit in the police administration, i.e., police station according to the place of residence. A residence permit for a foreigner under temporary protection is issued for a period of three years.

During the period of temporary protection, citizens of Ukraine can work in Croatia without a residence and work permit or a certificate of registration of work.

Citizens of Ukraine are thus equal in rights and duties to Croatian citizens and have the right on:

  • registration in the register of unemployed persons of the Croatian Employment Service;
  • use of the services of the Croatian Employment Service, especially employment mediation to find a job
  • information on the labor market in the Republic of Croatia;
  • involvement in active employment policy measures, in particular traineeships and employment support measures;
  • involvement in job search workshops, including writing a CV, presenting to the employer at a job interview;
  • exercising the right to financial assistance for the duration of education or training at the workplace with reimbursement of travel expenses;
  • exercising the right to one-time financial assistance and reimbursement of travel and removal expenses in the case of employment outside the place of residence;
  • upon the termination of employment, acquisition of the right to cash benefits during unemployment.

All Ukrainian citizens who express interest in enrolling in the Croatian Employment Service unemployment register, together with the advisor, will determine in which profession they can and want to work, which languages they use, and whether they have any other special knowledge. Therefore, the advisor will refer them to the jobs of potential employers.

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