New default interest rate from July 1, 2021

The Croatian National Bank published the average interest rate on loans granted for a period longer than one year to non-financial corporations calculated for the reference period from 1 July 2021 to 31 December 2021. The stated average interest rate is 2.61%.

The Law on Obligations determines the interest rate by increasing the stated average interest rate by 5 percentage points on relations from trade contracts and contracts between a trader and a public entity, and in other relations by 3 percentage points.

The following is an overview of default interest rates for the second half of 2021:

Relation Default interest rate as of July 1, 2021.
Contracts between traders 7,61 %(2,61+5 p.p.)
Contracts between traders and public law entities 7,61 %(2,61+5 p.p.)
Other relations 5,61 %(2,61+3 p.p.)

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