New grant measure for the preservation of jobs for July 2021

By the decision of the CES Management Board, a new grant measure for the preservation of jobs in the activities of reduced economic activity for July 2021 was adopted.

The measures are intended for employers from the sector of reduced economic activity, and their goal is to retain workers whose economic activity has been disrupted due to special circumstances.

All employers who have registered their activity and registered with the HZMO system of insured persons by 28 February 2021 can use the measure for July for workers employed by 30 June 2021 at the latest.

Applications for support for July can be submitted from July 26, 2021, to August 25, 2021.

To receive the grant, employers will need to prove that by August 25, 2021, 70 percent or more of the workers for whom the employer seeks support have an EU digital COVID certificate or have obtained the conditions for obtaining it following the rules on issuing EU digital COVID certificates in the Republic of Croatia.

Exceptionally, if on 25 August 2021 less than 70% of the workers for whom the employer seeks the grant possess or have qualified for the EU digital COVID certificate, the percentage of aid is granted by the percentage of workers who have qualified or have the EU digital COVID certificate from the total amount of grant for all workers for whom the employer seeks the grant.

The employer can receive the grant in proportion to or equal to a percentage of the share of EU COVID certificates of the total amount of the certificate for less than 70 percent of COVID certificates.

The authorities, in cooperation with the CES, will exchange data on the possession of the EU digital COVID certificate (or acquired conditions for possession) and verify the veracity of the data.

We note that the Croatian Employment Service, following the General Provision on Data Protection, will not have access to the personal data of employees, but will exchange and process them as statistical data.

The Croatian Employment Service will thus receive only a percentage of workers with an EU digital COVID certificate, or those who have acquired the conditions for it, from the competent institutions.

To receive support, employers will need to provide proof of a decrease in income/receipts in the prescribed comparative periods.

Exceptions are employers from the Sisak-Moslavina, Zagreb, and Karlovac counties who were affected by the earthquake. They do not have to prove that they had a drop in income/receipts but will declare under material and criminal liability that the circumstances from the eligibility criteria.

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