New Law for Student Jobs

New Law for Student Jobs

A new Law regarding student jobs, which defines more precisely obligations and rights of students, employers as well as intermediaries who conclude student job contracts, was put into effect from November 8th 2018.

New Law for student jobs also defines a minimal wage for student jobs. Minimal wage is, of course, defined using basis of minimal gross wage in Croatia. Minimal gross wage amount for 2018 was HRK 3.439,80, which means that the hourly minimal wage for student jobs was HRK 21,49 (using 160 hours of work monthly as an example). Considering that the minimal gross wage for 2019 is increasing to HRK 3.750,00, the hourly minimal gross wage will increase to HRK 23,44.

The biggest change that was asked by the students to the legislator, as a part of this Law, is a directive which allows student jobs for part-time students who are not employed, which was put into effect.

Another significant change is that from now on institutions of higher education can act as intermediaries for employment. Also, the new Law allows issuing and returning of student contracts electronically, which should put long rows in student service to an end.

The new Law protects student rights more strongly, meaning that the deadline for student remuneration is defined more strictly and they have a right to 50% bigger remuneration for night work, work on holidays and Sundays.

Furthermore, the scope of work of the work inspectorate is being broadened to student jobs. Use of the work inspectorate will be limited, so that intermediaries for student jobs can´t be intermediaries for a student who changed his college course two or more times.







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