New Law

New Law on membership fees in tourist communities

On 22 May 2019, the Law on Memberships fees in tourist communities was published, which will come into force on 1 January 2020.

This Law regulates the obligation to pay the membership fee, the base and the rates on which the membership fee for the tourist board is calculated, the manner of paying membership fees, records, calculation and collection of membership fees and other issues relevant for payment and distribution of membership fees to the tourist board.

The activities for which membership fees are paid under the new Law are divided into five groups. From 1 January 2020, some activities that are now obliged to pay membership fees will no longer be obliged. Below are listed some of them:

  • Services of court interpreters and translation services;
  • Accounting, bookkeeping and auditing activities;
  • Tax consulting;
  • Computer programming and related activities;
  • Photographic activities.

The new Law will be on the force from the next year and by the end of the year, the old rules will apply. In this respect, the advance payments by the end of 2019 should be paid by all who determined this obligation in the calculation for the year 2018.

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