Obligation to prepare consolidated financial statements

No later than April 30th, 2023, a company that represents the parent company in a group – according to the provisions of Article 34, paragraph 9 of the Accounting Act (Official Gazette, No. 78/15 – 114/22) – is obliged to report the obligation to prepare consolidated financial statements for the year 2022 to the Financial Agency.

Report and conditions

The parent company reports the consolidation through the web application RGFI, which it can be used for submitting annual financial statements also. The condition for reporting the obligation to prepare consolidated financial statements is:

  • Possession of a business certificate that is issued to the parent company/consolidation obligor or by using a certificate issued to another company, but which records the right to submit the annual financial statements of the parent company/consolidation obligor.

What if the consolidation obligor does not possess a certificate?

In case the parent company/consolidation obligor does not possess a business certificate and has not authorized another company to submit its annual financial statements, the obligation is to submit consolidated financial statements in the business units of the Financial Agency. Consolidation obligors should fill in the necessary information on the consolidation reporting form.

Public disclosure

All parent companies that, according to the criteria prescribed by Article 23, paragraph 3 of the Accounting Act, constitute parent companies are obliged to disclose consolidated financial statements publicly.

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