Possibilities for work with multiple employers or on a part-time basis

During the hiring process, both parties are setting working conditions and expectations of the employment. Let’s look at the situation from the perspective of both parties – employers and employees.  

Part-time work

The Labour Act, Article 62 defines part-time work as any working time shorter than full-time work. It is further clarified that a worker cannot work for more than one employer with a total working time of more than 40 hours per week.

Rights and conditions

The same as full-time work, part-time work has clearly defined rights and working conditions which protect the individual and the employer.

Let’s start with the positive side; by agreement with the employer and the amount of work, several employers may hire you, which means better financial stability. Part-time employment is frequent among students due to flexible working hours. With a part-time job, they can earn money during their studies, which significantly eases living conditions.

Another positive side to mention is clearly defined rights and working conditions in the contract and in the Labour Act. There are items such as specific annual leave and breaks during the day. Full-time and part-time workers have equal rights to annual leave, and if it is about working for several employers, the individual can decide to take annual leave without a previously defined agreement.

The provisions for awarding the severance pay that the employee deserves after two years of continuous work are also very clear, provided that the dismissal was not caused by the employee’s behaviour. The Law defines compensation as no less than a third of the average monthly salary for the three months before the termination of employment and no greater than six average monthly wages achieved in the three months before terminating the employment.

Work with multiple employers – additional work

The Labour Law additionally defines the possibility of an individual working for several employers.

If the individual works for 40 hours a week, he/she can additionally work for 8 hours a week on another part-time contract.

During the conclusion of such a contract, there is an obligation to report to the current employer and to sign his consent. If there is a violation, i.e., failure to notify, there are sanctions for the individual as well as the employer’s right to dismissal.

The Law further states the right to salary and other material rights, as well as legal obligations of employers and individuals, as well as misdemeanour sanctions for the same, where the amount of the fines can be between HRK 61,000.00 and HRK 100,000.00.

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