Public call for service providers’ registration within the “Digitalization Vouchers”

As part of the „National Recover and Resilience Plan“ the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development has published a Public Call for the service providers’ registration within the Call for  “Digitalization Vouchers”.

Encouraging the implementation of digitization and digital transformation

The public call highlights the encouragement of investment by micro, small and medium-sized enterprises to improve digital skills, adapt business models to digital transformation, digital marketing, cyber resistance and the application of complex digital solutions.

Companies applying for the “Digitalization Vouchers” will select a service provider from the Service Provider Catalog. The Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development will publish a catalogue on its website or another suitable platform. The goal is to facilitate access to eligible service providers for entrepreneurs who will apply for digital vouchers and to facilitate and speed up the process of awarding vouchers.

Service provider’s applications

Applications for inclusion in the catalogue are submitted by service providers via and the following must be submitted:

  1. application form
  2. statement of the service provider
  3. references
  4. CV of the expert
  5. appropriate register extract of the applicant’s headquarters or a valid document issued by the competent authority in the country of the applicant’s headquarters
  6. GFI-POD form, REGOS or a valid document issued by the competent authority in the country of the manager’s headquarters
  7. Tax Administration confirmed that the service provider fulfilled the payment obligations for tax obligations due and obligations for pension and health insurance (not older than 30 days before applying).

Criteria for inclusion in the catalogue 

There are also criteria that eligible service providers must meet for inclusion in the catalogue: 

  1. a service provider is a legal or natural person who has at least one full-time employee on the date of submission of the application for catalogue entry and was registered at least twelve months before the application submission
  2. a service provider is a legal or natural person registered to provide services that are the subject of the voucher in the field of computer programming, consulting and related activities; data processing, server services and associated activities and internet portals; management consultancy; market research and public exchange survey; education
  3. a service provider has at least three references for a comparable service provided to different clients for a maximum of twelve months before the submission of the application
  4. a service provider owns copyrights/licenses for all applications/software it uses within the scope of the service it provides based on the requested voucher
  5. a service provider has at least one full-time professional employed on the day of the application with the experience required for the specific voucher
  6. a service provider undertakes that in the event of the loss of an employed specialist, he will replace the same within 30 days and inform MINGOR thereof
  7. a service provider has paid salaries to employees, paid contributions to finance mandatory insurance or pay taxes by the regulations of the Republic of Croatia
  8. a service provider or a person authorized by law for representation wasn’t legally convicted of participating in a criminal organization. Terrorism or crimes related to terrorist activities, money laundering or terrorist financing, child labour or other forms of human trafficking, corruption or fraud
  9. a service provider is not subject to bankruptcy proceedings, is not insolvent, over-indebted or in the process of liquidation.

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