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Put Your Employees First With Moontop

Employer branding is again gaining strong interest from leading companies in Croatia because they see it as a key element of quality positioning and maintaining competitiveness in the domestic and international market by attracting and retaining the best staff.

The digital transformation of society is ubiquitous, and the intensive recovery of the economy and the expected high growth rates in the coming years inspire optimism. According to the CNB, a 6.8 percent economic recovery means HRK 25 billion in newly created value. To generate so much added value requires tens of thousands of new workers. Given the mentioned growth in the coming years, this poses a huge structural challenge for companies in Croatia – the lack of manpower.

The shortage of labor in the labor market in Croatia is hiding in several combined reasons such as the trend of emigration, the negative rate of natural increase, more and more retirees, and more. It is this gap between strong GDP growth and labor shortages that we have recognized as an incentive to keep our employees and provide them with additional benefits because our employees come first for us!

And that is why we are happy and proud to say that Confida Croatia, one of the first companies in Croatia, is introducing the #Moontop application for employees.

What is Moontop?

It is an application that functions as a ONE STOP SHOP that offers employees a multitude of benefits following the wishes of all employees in the company, thus ensuring equal treatment and equality of all in the program. Elementary differences in lifestyle, age of employees, and gender are taken into account, so employees can choose what they want from a wide range of products and services:

  • SPORTS: gyms, personal trainers, swimming, tennis,
  • FOODIE: food at work, home office, and restaurant,
  • BEAUTY: hairdressing, make-up and wellness services,
  • KIDS GIFT: children’s gifts (STEM, plastic toys, plush toys, education, etc.),
  • HOUSING: rent a house or apartment,
  • EDU: education and books,
  • DRY CLEANING: dry cleaning services.

With Moontop benefits, you achieve savings and complete flexibility, employer branding and diversification, and a measurable and equal employee reward program.

Tax-deductible expense and non-taxable income in kind

The state is aware of the position of entrepreneurs and the need to increase income, so it has facilitated a kind of income growth through non-taxable income in kind, without compromising companies’ financial stability. Moontop benefits are non-taxable income in kind and are twice as favorable as gross 2. You are completely flexible, without a contractual obligation, to independently define the number of employees, type of benefits, and the number of benefits per employee every month. Also, by implementing Moontop benefits you diversify in regards to the competition and additionally brand yourself as a desirable employer, thus retaining and attracting top talents, and additionally gives you anonymous analysis of using benefits to get to know your employees, their habits, and behaviors.

We believe that additional benefits should become an integral part of the offer of employers because in this way you let your employees know how much you appreciate their work and effort. A win-win situation for both parties!

As the proverb says “Happy wife, happy life” or in our example “Happy employee, happy company”.

Read more about the Moontop app on their website.

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